Teacher Training Programme

Dance, Move, Connect

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Would you like to share the Dance Connection system professionally?

The teacher training programme is over 12-weekend sessions designed for you to learn the theoretical background of this system, its methodology, music, and practice.


The training is normally preceded by a one-year Personal Dance Journey, depending on your experience and background. If you have previous experience of embodiment and dance practice, you may be able to access a fast track programme, attending part of the year's development to access the teacher training.

You will complete in-house, teaching practice and receive structured guidance, support, and methodological parameters to be an adaptable Dance Connection Facilitator 

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Educational Methodology:

Education for wellbeing 

Education for the language of connection

Education for musicality

Education for expression

Learning is experiential, somatic, affective and cognitive - which brings  self-awareness of the way our body moves  and expresses; and awareness of  how this connects, communicates and contributes to our own and others wellbeing. 

Teacher Training Programme

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Each weekend will include a mixture of applied theory, dance, underpinning theory, discussion and sharing as fitted to the aim of the weekend. Later weekends will include teaching practice.


Module 1: 

The Purpose, Principles and Aims of Dance Connection. Brief History of Dance.


Module 2: 

More on how the body moves  ( Anatomy and Physiology)


Module 3: 

Psychology,  dance language and communication 


Module 4: 

The Educational methodology of Dance Connection; The session : components and exercises


Module 5: 

The power of music and musical semantics


Module 6 & 7 :

How to create sessions using the exercises and music


Module 8 : 

How to work with dance, movement and connection in varied contexts and environments e.g. schools, organisations, 1 to 1 sessions, dance breaks, on line


Module 9, 10 & 11:  

Teaching practice - group feedback, collaboration, teaching visitors.


Module 12: Ceremony of completion