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Dance Connection - A Restorative Movement Practice


Dance Connection has been created to give everyone the opportunity to move to music -

it is not designed for performance, but for increasing wellbeing and embodiment.

Did you think you couldn't dance?

The components of the dance pathway give us the keys to enjoy dancing. 

Love dancing? Music to inspire the dancer within.  

Dance Connection supports us to feel comfortable in our own skin.

It brings awareness to the way we embody life and restores balance in the system.

 We come home to ourselves and each other read more.

What Dance & Music Offers
by Julia Hope Brightwell read here


"What I experience from Dance Connection - Stimulation. Joy. Confidence. Physical agility. Musical sensitivity. Increased body confidence, balance, and coordination.


 I am developing a wider vocabulary of movement in my dance and also in my everyday life. I am learning to move confidently to any music and through any emotion.


Dance Connection has taught me to dance with an open heart."


Lucy, Emeritus Professor, Cornwall

"Dance Connection puts me in touch with my inner world and is the most profound act of self love I have ever experienced. It enables me to connect with myself and others in a loving, authentic and playful way. For me it is medicine for the mind, body and soul and it's also great fun!"

Clare Love - Health and Wellbeing Coach

"Dance Connection always feels like everything you ever wanted from a party and rarely experienced. At the end of the session I am usually feeling enlivened, joyful and connected.

The wonderful music and carefully  structured movement pathways facilitate a journey through the emotional layers to arrive in a deeper, freer, more open hearted self. 


Together way we play, laugh, mess about, experiment with our physicality and express through our bodies what words often can’t. To be with and witness other adults in this way is, I realise, extraordinary. To see our shared vulnerability and courage, pain, grace and beauty I find so very uplifting and affirming. "

Nichola - Therapist , Bridport.

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