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Interdependence & Interconnection through embodied movement

About Dance Connection

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Our Philosophy

What brought Julia Hope Brightwell and Tracy Seed to develop the original inspiration of Dance Connection together in 2020?

Julia says " we wanted to create a dance & movement system that was accessible to everyone because we know of the multiple benefits of dance, movement, connection & music for total wellbeing."

Dance Connection supports the development and integration of the whole person. Physiological benefits of dance are well known - improving fitness, flexibility, physical resilience and stamina - improving overall health. What isn't very well known about dance is how it also can regulate, restore, balance and support the nervous system, through dances that are geared to decelerate, calm and relax.


The sense of community that builds during a course of classes or a year dance journey is incomparable  - imagine the understanding we have from the silent language of dance shared. ​

Embodiment is extremely important - it's about partnering your body and listening more deeply to its messages. Education in how to develop this body awareness and develop movement tools for expression is crucial for resilience, resourcefulness, adaptability and stability - not just physically, but emotionally and psychologically too. 

The mind, body, emotions, spirit, and soul are interconnected and one area affects the other areas. In the same way the systems of the body are interconnected too. By working with movement and music, we can move emotions through, develop physical agility and develop body language.

Dancing and moving with others, creates a sense of our interdependence, there is no barrier to dance, anyone can move to music within their own physical, self-regulatory, capacity. Dance connection isn't a performance dance -there are no set steps to learn, or criteria that prevents anyone from accessing is designed to be inclusive and adaptable to different settings and groups of people.

Tracy says: " The way we relate, move, and dance with each other influences the way we connect with our natural humanity in the world".


Julia Hope Brightwell
Originator, Co-Founder, Creative Director, Teacher Training 


Tracy Seed
Co-Founder & 

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