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Julia Hope Brightwell - Dance

Julia Hope Brightwell's 
Classes & Events in Wessex

Julia Hope Brightwell (aka Jewell) runs Dance Connection Dance Journey Weekends and Teacher Training from West Dorset. Jewell leads many weekly classes and events as below, please tell her which you are interested when you email and she will send you the relevant information:

In-person Dance Connection Block of 6 classes - Bridport, Dorset, Thursdays, 7:15-8:45pm

In-person Dance Connection Tasters - Dorchester, Dorset, Wednesdays, 2:30-4pm

In-person Dance Connection Day Workshops - Bridport, Dorset, Sundays, 11am-4pm

In-person Dance Journey Weekends - Evershot, Dorset, Fri 6:30pm - Sun 4:30pm

In-person Introductory Dance Connection weekend, Dartington Devon, 20-22 Oct 

Please email Jewell at    


"What I experience from Dance Connection - Stimulation. Joy. Confidence. Physical agility. Musical sensitivity. Increased body confidence, balance, and coordination.

 I am developing a wider vocabulary of movement in my dance and in my everyday life. I am learning to move confidently to any music and through any emotion.

Dance Connection has taught me to dance with an open heart."


Lucy, Emeritus Professor, Cornwall


Just over a year ago, I joined Jewell’s Dance Connection group in Bridport. I was 63 years old Physically, not in great shape with painful knees and hips but willing to try something new. I last danced about 20 years ago when I first met my wife and we used to meet at salsa classes, great fun but very prescriptive. I went to Dance Connection with an open mind, not knowing what to expect; from the start, I was hooked. Everything about it is amazing; the sense of belonging, the range of beautiful and interesting music Jewell puts together each week, the freedom to express myself through movement- inspired by that music- safe in the knowledge that no one is judging me, no one laughing at me. I may feel like an old grumpy bloke when I leave home on dance nights but an hour and a half later, I leave Dance Connection feeling joyful, refreshed and revitalised. 

Mark Dicker, Retailer, and 'generally good sort'


"Dance Connection puts me in touch with my inner world and is the most profound act of self-love I have ever experienced. It enables me to connect with myself and others in a loving, authentic, and playful way. For me it is medicine for the mind, body and soul and it's also great fun!"


Clare Love - Menopause Coach



Final share and time to go home.  

Feeling changed, realigned, a different me?   For sure! 

Each invitation to “connect” this evening was accompanied by an inspired choice of track to promote “my connection to me”.  My response a privilege, uniquely personal, sharing the generosity of the group which holds each of us.  Freedom.  Letting go my mind. Moving, alone, together, sharing, and being me.  I don’t need words.


Don (Retired Engineer)


"Dance Connection always feels like everything you ever wanted from a party and rarely experienced. At the end of the session, I am usually feeling enlivened, joyful and connected.

The wonderful music and carefully structured movement pathways facilitate a journey through the emotional layers to arrive in a deeper, freer, more open hearted self. 


Together way we play, laugh, mess about, experiment with our physicality and express through our bodies what words often can’t. To be with and witness other adults in this way is, I realise, extraordinary. To see our shared vulnerability and courage, pain, grace and beauty I find so very uplifting and affirming. "


Nichola, Therapist, Bridport, Dorset.

Julia Hope Brightwell

Solo Dancing On-line Sessions, 2 Tuesday evenings a month - left video below gives a basic idea.

Request Couples sessions, or dance with friends at home, contact Jewell.


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Dance and Movement is more than just a way of keeping fit. It has the benefits of developing self-connection, expression, agility, balance, connection with others and so much more.........

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