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Zoom sessions - solo dance

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Solo dance sessions are designed to take you through a movement pathway that balances, restores and revitalises you. The music is eclectic and carefully chosen to marry with the dances and movement exercises offered. The key is partnering your body. You move within your own capacity exploring movement through facilitated cues. There are no sets steps - everyone can move to music.

Movement vocabulary is explored before expressive dances are arrived at - this gives an expansion of your ways of dancing. We explore sliding, rolling, balancing, directions, heights and many more ways of moving. There are no set steps, this allows you to be freer in exploring.

Partnering the body is one of the key aspects to Dance Connection sessions - we listen , we are flexible to the needs and messages of our bodies and in this way our movement capacity grows. If we are moving to relieve tension, then where your body feels tense is where you will focus your movements.

Feedback from 2 our the regulars of the solo sessions:

“During the class I dropped into a tender (and unfamiliar!) love for myself, this me, just this me, not the new improved version I’m always striving for. It was beautiful” Nichola, Dorset

“ Alchemy, that’s the word I was trying to find earlier in my weary MS brain… you weave music together like an alchemist, creating golden threads. Threads of pain and beauty and joy. Thank you. “ Lucy, Cornwall

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